TJB Earthmoving Anti-Fuel Theft Solutions – Developed in the UK


TJB EARTHMOVING (PTY) LTD has partnered up with specialist in fuel protection on trucks and yellow metal. Fuel theft is a broad problem and we understand the losses clients suffer due to fuel theft. We therefore look at securing the filler necks and also all the Secondary Access Points such as your drain plug, sender unit, fuel connection hoses and the like. We ensure the full security loop is secured. If one aspect of the security loop is left open unfortunately it will be exploited.
We find that most companies invest in anti-siphoning devices to try and protect against fuel theft. The problem is that very few companies actually look at protecting the Secondary Access Points as well. By not closing the loop the money spent on anti-siphoning devices is wasted and the companies are under a false sense of security and they suffer daily losses without knowing about it.
Please see our Anti-Siphon units below and photos of what we do to protect you on the Secondary Access Points.

Secondary Access Protection (SAP)

We find numerous clients that install anti-siphoning devices but they pay no attention to the secondary access points. Any points that are not protected will be exploited and negates the money and effort spent on anti-siphoning devices.

SAP Points include:

  • Drain Plug – easily turned out and exposes entire tank
  • Sender Unit - easily removed and exposes a large hole in the top of the tank for siphoning
  • Fuel Connection Points – easy to remove clips and steal fuel
  • Fuel Filter Housing – easy access to fuel system

Examples of exposed risk points and protection rendered:

Exposed risk, easy to disconnect and steal fuel

Visual inspection points and risk covered